Nestled high in the foothills of the Kohala Mountains on the Big Island of Hawaii, the lush and breathtaking Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary offers visitors the opportunity to stand in awe of nature’s remarkable Eden and glide through the majestic clouds. Hailed as one of the most unique and beautiful nature preserves on the islands, the forest sanctuary is home to some of the world’s rarest plant and animal life. Within the sanctuary’s 6,500-acre expanse, visitors may find endangered bird species, including Nene (Hawaiian Goose) and Apapane, as well as rare plants like ōhi‘a lehua and Hawaiian Silversword. Learn more here.

Though newly established in 2014, the Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary has quickly become the destination of choice for a host of eco-tourists and nature enthusiasts. The sanctuary offers a variety of activities, tours, and educational programs designed to open the eyes of visitors to the area’s remarkable beauty and to raise awareness of the necessity of preserving valuable Hawaii’s biodiversity. From exploring its hiking trails and canopy of trees to learning about its fascinating native wildlife, there is so much to discover in this magical tropical paradise. Learn more about Hawaii Forest & Trail Kona Headquarters in Hawaii.

One of the most popular shorelines for visitors is the Kona Cloud Trail, which meanders through lush valleys and takes visitors up above the clouds for an unforgettable view of the surrounding mountain ranges. Along the way, visitors will be treated to gorgeous vistas and an abundance of flora and fauna to explore. The trail’s endpoint, Akala Ridge, offers even more scenic views, with breathtaking views of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea.

In addition to its numerous trails, the Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary is home to a variety of interactive exhibits designed to bring visitors closer to the beauty of the area’s flora and fauna. The Koa Kai Exotic Bird Sanctuary & Aviary has several species of birds, including the state’s beloved nene, housed in natural enclosures. The Kona Cloud Native Plant Nursery boasts an extensive collection of native Hawaiian plants, ideal for those who wish to plant their own garden or landscape. Other activities available at the sanctuary include mountain biking and horseback riding, as well as special events hosted throughout the year, such as evening stargazing and group bird-watching tours. The nearby Kona Forest Adventure Centre offers zip lining through the majestic forests and scenic cliffs.

The Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary is a testament to the beauty of Hawaii’s natural environment and the importance of preserving its biodiversity. Visitors of all ages are sure to be captivated by the sanctuary’s wildlife, flora, and stunning vistas and will likely leave with a deeper appreciation of the importance of conservation. For those looking to escape to an unspoiled paradise, the Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary is an exceptional destination that will offer a lifetime of cherished memories. Thank you for reading this article with deep attention. If you visit this Kona Cloud Forest Sanctuary, you are great. You have a great love and attraction for nature. If you like this post, share it with your friends and relatives.


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